What Is a Free Market Economy?

Without doubt, it’s true that some consumer information needs to be regulated in order to protect consumers from fraudulent advertising. Consumers make most of their own decisions about what to buy, rather than relying on the government or businesses to determine which products will be made available if any. Open market refers to the fact … Baca Selengkapnya

What is Variation Margin? Meaning, Example, Importance, and More

It acts as a threshold for triggering a margin call, which occurs when the account balance falls below the required maintenance margin. Initial margin sets the initial deposit amount for the position, while variation margin manages daily fluctuations. If the account balance drops below the maintenance margin, traders must either add funds (variation margin) or … Baca Selengkapnya

What is a correspondent bank?

By using a correspondent bank, the bank in Duluth can transfer funds to a bank in Tokyo, as well as participate in Japanese financial markets. For instance, a small domestic bank with clients in different countries can partner with a correspondent bank to meet the needs of its client internationally. The correspondent bank will, therefore, … Baca Selengkapnya

What Is an Initial Public Offering?

Its presence in China makes it potentially vulnerable to worsening trade relations between the U.S. and that nation. Atlas Lithium is a U.S. mineral exploration and mining company with properties in Brazil. It is among the largest seekers of lithium and other battery minerals in Brazil, which is one of the few countries to have … Baca Selengkapnya